chakrabot asked: Hii~ Can you help me think something over? I have a huuuuuge Taobao order to make, like $600+ of mostly clothes though there are some heavy items like shoes and a few small home goods. Shipping with stuff like this... I know if it ends up being one massive box, the shipping will be insane! It's gonna be insane anyway. What I want to know is, will it be more cost effective to break the order into parts and have them ship separately?

I really am not sure ;_; you can ask the person who is managing your order, but there’s a few problems you can’t predict

you could

a) ship them in seperate boxes, which may cost less to ship individually, but you run the risk of paying fees on each and every box

b) you put them all in one box, pay one large shipping fee, and possibly one additional fee.

I would ask (if you have one, depending on what site you used), but in case not I’ll post this publicly in case any followers have any input! Unfortunately with shipping, it’s really really unpredictable.

Pastel Dress
Bunny Sweater
Amo Bloomers
Pink Holographic Backpack
Holographic Backpack
Cute Sweater
Kawaii Backpack

Price: ¥278.00